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Slot Locks

The ideal system to attach penning and equipment to concrete slats quickly and easily.


Slot Lock requires a one inch slot opening for top loading.

Why use Slot Lock?

Slot Lock bolts down.

No protruding bolts to injure animals. No cutting or grinding with Slot Lock.

Slot Lock is durable.

It is constructed with a heavy hex nut embedded inside 6-6 nylon. The complete assembly includes a 3/8” x 4” stainless steel bolt and washer.

Slot Lock Locks itself into place.

Spin it, pull it up and it cam locks into place. You can install Slot Lock blind. Perfect for conditions where you can’t get under your work.

Slot Lock eliminates the need for “T” Bolts.

“T” bolts can slide and become disconnected. Not so with Slot Lock. Once Slot is turned and tightened it remains firmly locked.

Slot Lock fasteners.

Fasteners are conveniently packaged in weather tight plastic buckets of 100, and available from your dealer.


US Patent Number: 6,413,005