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Slat Savers

Keeping You Covered

Extending slat life.

Slat Saver is a high-density plastic mat placed under feeders to protect new Slats or stop concrete erosion on older slats.

Slat Saver design provides animal traction.

Multidirectional protrusions and cleats are imprinted on Slat Saver to safely supply animal footing. They are grooved and spaced to capture, control, and drain all harmful liquids directly to the pit below.

Slat Saver is tough.

Slat Saver is a proven product with tens of thousands in use today bearing up to the wear of routing hooves at the feeder. Slat Saver is impervious to acids, salts, and whey. It prevents disease and cleans with a mere whisk of a pressure washer.

Slat Saver eliminates poured pads.

Concrete won’t protect concrete. Let durable Slat Saver take the abuse. Slide Slat Saver in place, tie it down with the provided, non-corosive hardware, and you are finished. It’s that simple.

Slat Saver is workable.

Slat Saver can be cut, notched, or shaped with ordinary woodworking tools. You can easily cover and protect unsanitary damaged feeder areas before it’s too late.

YOU Can…

Save spilled feed.

Cover and protect damaged slats quickly. Drain all harmful liquids directly to the pit. Provide a clean, dry, disease free feeding area.

Absorb the wear and tear at the feeder. Furnish traction to the smallest of pigs.


Slat Saver is a multi-use building material used successfully in gestation crates, sow crates and scale flooring. It’s been used as a feeding platform, creep feeding, nesting mat and may other uses.


Protect your investment.

Avoid expensive time consuming repairs. Ask your dealer for SLAT SAVER or call (800) 856-1388 for the dealer nearest you.

Ask for SLAT SAVER by name.


US Patent Number: 6,220,205